• Our first step prior to building any new custom cabinetry or woodworking project is the production of shop drawings or plans.  The development phase of cabinet design is an interactive process in which both the designer and client share ideas and information.  This allows the designer to have a complete and thorough understanding of what the client wishes and envisions.  Drawings that show detailed plan and elevation views allow both the client and designer to clearly see how the proposed work will look aesthetically and function.  Cabinet construction drawings are essential in that they show the style, dimensions, for and drawer configurations.  The construction drawings allow us to estimate the quantities of necessary raw materials which enable our fabricators and contractors to estimate the cost of construction.  Custom cabinetry costs can only be properly established with full drawings including material and hardware specifications to be used in production.  Our designers produce detailed cabinet and furniture drawings scaled one inch to equal one foot.  We emphasize the importance of shop drawings with specifications so that our clients will understand exactly what they are getting and thus ensure customer satisfaction.


  • At Cabinet by Design we offer custom manufacturing of all sorts of cabinetry, furniture, doors and millwork.  We welcome challenging tasks including hand carving, wood inlay, sequence matching, laminating, metal and glass inserts or wrought iron components.


  • To fully serve our customers woodworking needs, our highly skilled craftsmen also offer restoration and repair service for fine antiques or modern furniture, cabinets, doors, and millwork.  Our specialities include restoration of wooden pews, moldings, altars, doors and paneling for Churches and Synagogues.


  • Our cabinet finishing is done in house by experienced professionals, most of whom have worked for Archwood Manufacturing Group, Inc for at least a decade.  And our craftsmen can produce or match even the most sophisticated finishes in all styles.  We offer color and texture matching in any paint or stain, paint glazing for antique finishing, 24K gold or silver gilding, crackle or distressed texturing and high gloss polyester finishes.  Catalyzed conversion varnishes are standard topcoat for kitchens, bars and bathrooms cabinets which provide additional protection in moist environments.  Finish samples are produced for Clients' approval.


  • Our experienced sister company Design 2 Development Corp. of professional carpenters will expeditiously install your custom project with attention to detail and the ability to problem solve with your site specific issues.  We also provide cabinets to be installed by your contractor.